The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind - student project

                                                     - Gordon St Garage -

The first part of my project is a bit of a new found morning routine. My Dad and I are both coffee nuts and have started trying out different cafes around the place, always on the hunt for different beans and "grinds"...haha! I was super keen to try out some of the tips in the class in cafe setting, lighting and walking outside just being adaptable really! I took my Dad to Gordon St Garage which is this converted old electrics warehouse cafe-restuarant/coffee roastery, I absolutely love it! First up was flat whites and some banana pancakes to share, they were actually meant for me but I reckon Dad took rather a liking to them! Second round was cold drip coffees which I've have been hanging out to try it for so so long. It was worth waiting for !

These first three photos were taken on my little canon point and shoot as I started the project before the briefing changed to Iphone only! I was going to go back this weekend and recreate it using my phone but I just dont think it would have had the same sort of vibe to it!  

I used Snapseed and then VSCO cam to edit my photos. Love F2!

                                            - My true love, the Flat White -

                                            - Salted Caramel and Banana Pancakes -

                                                                - Cold Drip -

                                                          - Everyday Breakfeast -

These next to photos are my everyday get up, these were taken with my Iphone and then I used snapseed and VSCO - still love F2 !

                                                               - Coffee for Me -

                                                                   - Mum's Muesli -