The Alice Wonders

The Alice Wonders - student project

Well hello, my friend.

My book, "The Alice Wonders" is in its final stages and I'm excited to share it with you as a project in this class. 



The Alice Wonders: Science of Underground Nonsense is a book for curiouser children that often ask 'Why?' and 'How does it work?', or enjoy a little day-dreaming.

Dive into seven nonsense situations from the iconic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland fairy tale and explore the science that brings them to life.

You and your kids won’t stumble over difficult language, but rather will enjoy sweetly playful and sugary illustrations for decades to come.

#thealicewonders also introduces you to the heroes, who made significant and real discoveries that shaped the world we live in along with many fun experiments.

#thealicewonders #curiouserlife



Little boys and girls, between the ages of five and twelve who wonder about how things work, even if they don’t voice it. To be read and explored by themselves or together with their parents and loved ones.



Sparks an interest in science at an early age and encourages curiosity. Shows kids that science is fun and might encourage them to start a STEM career.



I created a landing page and am going to add a sign-up option so that people can join the journey and I can let them know when the book is out. I recently started an Instagram account @thealicewonders and use the hashtags #thealicewonders and #curiouserlife to have conversations linked to the book.

I intend to announce the project on my personal accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn too. This will spread the word in my circles and create a base of followers (fingers crossed). Then I am going to launch a Kickstarter campaign and shout it out loud and proud on all channels again ;)

I might start to write micro-blog articles to share my journey via too.

Finally, I am taking loads of Skillshare classes and post The Alice Wonders as a project to all the ones that helped me to move forward with the book.

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What do you think? 

Author, Illustrator and Daydreamer