Text Effects

Text Effects - student project

I am using Affinity Photo since I don't have Illustrator. The text effect using the Belta font worked well.

I'm not happy with my attempt using the Rabanera font because selections have jagged edges. I left the selected areas on top on purpose; I could have moved them under the black lettering, but I preferred this effect. (Affinity Photo doesn't have actions, so I had to deal with each letter separately.)

A similar problem of jagged edges occurs with the layered paper effect using the Honey Script font.

Pupcat is a very elegant font. To be sure of doing it justice, I used Affinity Designer, where I knew I could get the effect I wanted: a silvery outline with a circle pattern I created for one of Helen's classes. (Click on the picture below for a larger size so you can see the circle pattern.) You can see my circle pattern project at https://www.skillshare.com/classes/design/Illustrator-for-Lunch-Circle-Based-Patterns-Rotate-Blend-Multi-Color-Dots/1619441569/projects/69439?via=class-details-projects-page

The cutout effect using Le Bain . . . worked well in Affinity Photo.

Since the Sunshine Coast of Australia is subtropical we do not get autumn colour. Besides, it is winter now. Yet two days ago on my morning walk I found a beautiful orange and yellow leaf. I took a photo so I could use it for this cutout effect.

Thank you, Helen, for a great selection of fonts and techniques.