Tea Emporium logo design

Tea Emporium logo design - student project

Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to thank Teela for such a great class! I learned a lot here and your technique helped me to create a logo for my university project where I  study Graphic Design online.

I have created a logo for a fiction Tea Emporium company. I would descibe this tea as:

- Natural

- Traditional

- High quality

- Organic

- Unique

- Pride

- Experience & Knowledge

Here is my moodboard:

I first used the watercolor kit from this class and apllied them to my first two ideas:

Idea 1.

Idea 2.

Then I created my own watercolor texture:

And applied them to my third logo idea:

Idea 3.


Each logo design looks unique and attractive, but I felt that the last logo with light green watercolor background is the best. It is It is clean,refreshing, organic and contemporary.

Final Design

In order to be sure that the logo has the potential for Tea Emporium product, I have created a standart company collateral.


And here is the tea container mock-up with the Surface Pattern Design for the background that I created.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator