SweetHerat Rings

SweetHerat Rings - student project

Here are pictures of rings I made.

First I tried a heart ring with a bead like Chris' video. I think this one, heart was a bit too small for the stone. But I actually liked how it turned out. 

Then I made those two. I bought pink wire, and wanted to use somehow. I like it added some color and different texture. 

I don't normally wear big rings like this one, but it was fun to wear, too! 

Then I made something completely different. 

I still have some beads left over, so I may try something else. Also it's not in the picture, but I made skinny pink wire ring for my 9 year old daughter. She loves it and now she wants to try making one. 

Okay, I'm adding this picture. This is the ring I made for my daughter. 

Then she asked me to make one with star or flower design. So I made this one. 


Thank you so much for fun class! If you will make more class with design ideas for different accessaries, I would love to take it :) 

Kind Regards, 


Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer