Super Me

Super Me - student project

For the name I blended my name with the first Superhero, that came to my mind: 

SuperMandy. Pow!


Alter Ego: 

Personality – warm, ambitious, a little messy

Appearance – dark long hair, dark clothes, sometimes invisible

Interests – painting, photography, nature

Desire – earn a living form making art, become a better musician, show my three children the beauty of this world


This is my paragraph describing Supermandy:

Supermandy is passionate about making art that says you are not just part of this world but you can alter it to become whatever you like.

She is using her magic paint brush to spark the world and to show that there are not only perfect super heros, but that everybody can be a superhero. 


I created this fun brand around my private self, so it’s okay not to be perfekt. It will be something to put on my coffee mug to make my children smile in the morning.  ;-)


For the moodboard I just made a folder in which I collected pictures from the internet:

Super Me - image 1 - student project


To make this logo related to the original Superman Logo I decided to stay with the given colors. 

My first try was a brush style font, but it didn’t work. Instead I chose a hand scribbled font and decided not to blend the two added letters in perfectly, so it is clear that they were added afterwards.

And here is my final Superhero Logo:

Super Me - image 2 - student project


Thank you Faye, this was a fun class!