Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina  - student project

Hello everyone! First and foremost, Tom - let me say that you are an AMAZING teacher. I've taken all of your Skillshare courses and am a huge fan of your work! Your classes are so comprehensive and cover so many skills and tips and tidbits, so as a fellow design nerd I so appreciate all of the detail and care you put into your courses. 


I had so much fun with this project. I actually have designed a series of maps for different areas of my hometown (Charleston, SC) already so I was excited to add Sullivan's Island to the series. I think this class really helped take my map design skills to the next level. Because I've had so many requests to do Sullivan's Island, I wanted to keep it broad and thus didn't give my map a theme, really, other than to cover the main tourist hotspots.


Anyway, here are some of my sketches, process images and final project: 


Learning how to skew and warp the map was really enlightening! Helps with layout tremendously. 

As you can see, sometimes I sketch on multiple pieces of paper and then cut and paste before scanning. Scanning takes so long that I try to compile and minimize the work! 

My final texture wash, using Sumi ink and water: 

I'm kind of leaning towards this being the final - with only the three colors plus B&W: 

This was my original but now i'm feeling like the red is overkill. Thoughts? 

A couple of close-ups: 


I use to help with color palettes - typically I'll just start typing in keywords and things that evoke the place, and see what it comes back with! I find it to be a great starting point for picking a palette. I might end up playing with this color more as I originally envisioned it being more light and neon-y. 

That's it for now! Thanks again, Tom, and to all of my fellow classmates - can't wait to see what you come up with. :) 


UPDATE 10/24: 


Ok, per Tom's super helpful feedback, I added a couple more red elements to help with balance. AND NOW I THINK I'M FINALLY FINISHED! Oh, and I had forgotten my compass rose, so I added that in! Hooray!