Straight Shot

Straight Shot - student project

I wasn't really sure about a wooden arrow for my "canvas," But I got one and drew it off in sections in my sketchbook. Then I began browsing Klimt works in books and online to find something that inspired me. None of the portraits did much for me but parts of the Stoclet Frieze provided inspiration for my arrow as well as the design for my bonus birdhouse roof. 

Here are close ups of elements that I wanted for the arrow.

Here are a couple of sketches I tried.

As I started actually painting I changed some of the color palette but kept the basic green, yellow, brown.

Here is the final arrow, complete with twitches along the lines from my shaky hands. .

Though using a wooden arrow as a base shape never really spoke to me, I was ecstatic about the birdhouse. So much that I am planning to use the tiny birdhouses as a base for a Valentine craft I will teach to a group in early February.

For the Klimt birdhouse bonus project I choose another image from the Stoclet Frieze for the roof inspiration and one from the Beethoven Frieze for the front, back and sides. 

The roof design is spirals from the Tree of Life section.

Design from Beethoven Frieze for inspiration for the body of the birdhouse.

Palette for the birdhouse is red-orange and various shades of yellow.

I want the birdhouse to be vibrant and shout life and joy.

I will finish the designs on it tonight and post pictures soon..

The birdhouse is perhaps my favorite of all the painting projects I have done.

Here's my sketchbook page for draft and ideas.

Oops! It is lying on its side. I ended up making a few changes in the details but kept the color palette.

Here are three views of the final project. 

This was another good class, Nicole. Thanks so much.