Starting my Dishcloth and other Baby Blanket Project

Starting my Dishcloth and other Baby Blanket Project - student project

Connie, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have never been able to crochet in my life! While I have a long way to go, I just wanted to show you my progress. My initial dishcloth has many issues lol. I got the hang of the double crochet, but where exactly to put my needle in the end to turn, or knowing if that is one I need to do is something I still don't get yet. I think I am having problems locating what stiches. I might need to get those stitch locaters. I also am having a problem when counting them, because I can't tell if it is an actual stitch, or just part of the double crochet lol. 

But I am having so much fun! Your class was so helpful and so detailed! I really appreciate it! I actually wanted to learn this because I wanted to make a baby blanket for a friend. So the pink thing in the picture is the start of it! I will be sure to share when I have done more to it, and finished the other stuff! Thanks again! I hope you do more classes :D