Spaceglobe - student project

Hi everyone,

This is the last class of this workshop. At first, thank you Hayden for this (and all of your) inspiring class(es)! This was a fun project!

I wanted to make something with a space theme, it made me think back of my children's books and posters in my room as a kid! So I searched for some reference:

Then I started sketching some rockets and other space stuff:

As a kid I loved those snowglobes, and I thought wouldn't it be great to have such globe with a space theme?

This is the result of the illustrator artwork:

In photoshop, I made some textures, to give it a more handmade and retro feel to it:

For me this was a littlebit different workflow. I was used to use the pen tool a lot, a lot lot! Now I've seen that more complex objects also can be made out of simple shapes. Some of the shapes I could have done quicker with the pen tool (such as the swoosh of the little rocket at the background). I now made it out of two huge circles, and the formbuilder tool. But that is because I'm very used to use the pen tool.

Thank you so much for this 30 days workshop, it was really a lot of fun!