Sometimes self care really is a bath

Sometimes self care really is a bath - student project

When I was a kid my mom would keep all her old Vogues and Harper Bazaars so my sisters and I could take our scissors to them. This project felt like connecting with my younger self and getting to show her all the new skills I've learned as an adult artist.

I made my collage in Photoshop because I don't use Procreate, but I followed Peggy's recommendations and had so much fun pulling my self care/beauty story together. Here are the pieces I used:

Main photo, taken in my bathroom before a bath


A galaxy photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash for the bath "water" (I tried some cool photos of the ocean/waves too, but they had too much energy for the story I'm telling here)

Silver glitter - also for the 'water', candles, and reflection, this was on my computer already in a resources folder


Velvet by Kassia Melo on Unsplash for the floor


Bouquet photo by Insung Yoon on Unsplash, as a gift to myself for my bath.

And finally star confetti by Kier in Sight on Unsplash, because...duh


Before and after

This project was really exciting to find along the way: the story changed - at first it was rough and crashing waves in the tub with a tiny red boat finding its way, then it was the night sky, and now it is a most luxurious glitter bath, with all the best things: velvet, warm glowing candles, paper-wrapped flowers, and shiny stars. 

Sometimes self care is putting up a boundary in a relationship, paying off credit card debt, or even just mindfully eating my dindin, but other times, it really just is a warm bath. (Oh dang! I should add a book...)

Thanks for the great class, Peggy!

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