Sketchy Strawberries

Sketchy Strawberries - student project

I wasn't sure what to sketch - so many options..! I decided to just start with something that had a simple shape, just to get going.

I had a look at some reference images on Pinterest and Flickr then started to quickly sketch some basic shapes using a brush pen on thin layout paper.

I filled another page with more detailed drawings of strawberry leaves, but I didn't use them for this project (as they took about 15 minutes to draw).

I scanned my sketches into Illustrator and choose some colours. I wasn't sure what sketches I would use, so I played around with the traced images to see what I could make of it.

I love to make patterns, so I chose to focus on the strawberry images and a leaf to make the pattern. I got to a basic pattern quickly, but decided to sleep on it, and review what I might want to add to it the next day. In the end I finished this on the third day, and most of that was playing around with background colours.

I really like this exercise of having a time limit, and being inspired by watching Ohn Mar create beautiful illustrations from her sketches.

Thanks for a great class Ohn Mar :)

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