Shooting - Shiva Emergency

Shooting - Shiva Emergency - student project

So i did my first photo shoot last week with my GH4, and with this course i've used pretty much every aspect of lightroom to obtain this result.

- Resized and corrected the askew picture.

- Ajusted the photo with the high / mid / low lights, pushed the clarity and the contrasts up.

- Used HSL to change the paintings of the wall and the road behind.

- Corrected the vibrance and saturation (HSL for the reds)

- Used the graduated filter for the sky, errased the effect on the models.

- Added two radial filters on the models to bright them up.

- Painted the fence darker with the brush and an ajustement based on exposure and dehaze.

- Finished with the Google Nik Collection (Analog Efex Viveza Color Efex)

Thanks a lot, i'd be glad to hear from you and have some feedback !