She paints seashells...

She paints seashells... - student project

What a fabulous course! Diane is a brilliant teacher who thoroughly explains each step of the process and what makes her so great is the way she anticipates questions or problems you might encounter when painting and includes that in her dialogue.
The class was so enjoyable and covered so many things that are good to know concerning watercolour painting.
This class is great for a beginner and equally great for someone with a little experience in the medium.
Below is my final product (which could be improved upon, a practice piece that I like, and one in miniature because I am obsessed with painting everything in miniature too).
Thanks Diane!She paints seashells... - image 1 - student projectShe paints seashells... - image 2 - student projectShe paints seashells... - image 3 - student project