Scheduling the year

Scheduling the year - student project

Thanks for the class, Francesco! My team started working with trello a while ago, but I have been resisting a little bit. I think that with this class, the resistance will diminish.

While watching your videos, I tried to play a little bit with the platform and started this board (it's in Portuguese-BR):


Basically, I just put the months (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr,...) and add some things that I expect to be doing in that month. I am putting basically work (Finishing my thesis, writing articles), but I also put some hobbies like an exposition about realism.

The idea is not to go by thinking that I did nothing that year or that month, I can easily see in trello things that I have accomplished. I also added labels to identify what it is Personal (blue), Ph.D. (red) and Teaching (purple).