Sassy Bunni 2

Sassy Bunni 2 - student project


It's been a while! I finally did updates for my comic. Sassy Bunni has changed (hopefully the last time) and I added her best friend in to the mix since I didn't do it on the last one. I've decided not to question my illustration abilities and just do it. Anyway I made a little illustration with the two of them and laid out a comic to color and finish later on. It's gonna be fun! 

 Sassy Bunni and Minty Bear don’t feel like going back to class after break and skip but then they get caught by thier teach and get lectured by her and her cat. I'll color it digitally and draw it again soon.


Hello everyone!

I can't wait to start this class that Sarah has created. I'm already taking the first class ((link here) and I can't wait to learn more about color and adding it to my webcomic. I usually get my colors from Design Seeds or Pinterest playing around with the palletes, so this is great to learn a different method. So look forward to updates and hopefully I will finish this and participate in the challenge.  

For now here's a grumpy Sassy Bunni below. As you can see my style of coloring is flat with details and shadows. You can see that in the second image. Anywho can't wait to see what happens. :)


Example of my style below.

So for now I'm just playing around with Sassy and color schemes since I already planned for my webcomic to be colored. 

Here is some up close


Below is my drawing process, I was asked before a couple times so here's a quick gif. Anyway more color practice and coming up with a final.

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