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Sample Project - student project

Hello everyone! Thank you again for joining me in this class :)

For this sample project I would like to share one of my favourite succulents—Graptopetalum Amethystinum (also known as Lavender Pebbles). This is the one succulent I am happy to have multiples of in my collection 

This particular one is my very first Lavender Pebbles I got from 2019. Below are some progress shots of this succulent throughout the years:

More details about this succulent:

  • It is currently in a mix of 100% grit (a mix of ‘gritty mix’ maifan akadama green zeolite). Last repotted about 2 years ago now.
  • It generally gets filtered sun through a 50% UV shade cloth half the day and direct sunlight in autumn and winter.
  • It grows on the top shelf of my west-facing balcony.
  • I water this plant only when the lower leaves feel a bit ‘deflated’ while also considering the weather season. 
  • I will water with Seasol (a seaweed solution) in between regular waterings or when I feel the plants need a bit of a boost. I also fertilise this succulent with liquid fertiliser during its growing season.
  • This plant grows fairly well in my environment, but it has been known to be quite challenging in humid and wet climates.
  • As you’ll notice from the progress photos, the leaves grew shorter and rounder with more exposure to sunlight and as the plant matured. In the latest photo, the leaves grew a little flatter and longer due to the stretches of cloudy days we had through the past summer.

I love all the beautiful shades of purple this succulent comes in and how plump and rounded its leaves can grow. They also grow in beautiful artistically shaped clusters which is just delightful to look at in my opinion!

—Aima xx

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