>> Sample Project <<

>> Sample Project << - student project

Hey! Thanks for checking out my class. There are two assignments that I would love to see you post in the project gallery:

1. Completed Expressions Grid

The purpose of this part of is to increase your confidence in drawing faces, and give you a chance to apply some of the principles we talked about! :D Try to spend no more than 5 minutes on each face, and focus on just communicating the emotion and its intensity as bluntly as possible. So, overall, you should spend no more than an hour on this part.

2. Completed Comic

Have fun with this part! Try to use what you learned not only on the last frame, but on every frame that has a face/faces. I went with an lineart shading style, but of course it can be however you want visually, from pencil-drawn stick figures to a full color, highly rendered work of art.


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