Sample Project

Sample Project - student project


Hi class! I'm happy to see you here again :) Yay!

Here is a sample project of what I would like you to upload for this class. Your final project is an abstract painting where your use of color is your main focus, but... as you know, warm up activities are half the fun! So please please please try to do all the exercises with me and share with the resto of the class, here are my images for the activities and final project.


And now... my FINAL PROJECT! 

Remember class, you can either scan or post pictures of your work. The important thing is that you share your work with the rest of us :)

Oh! And if you want to share on IG, we have a class hashtag: #AnavictorianaWatercolorClass

Thank you so much for joining me once again, can't wait to see your creations!!!




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