SAMPLE PROJECT: The Three Little Pigs

SAMPLE PROJECT: The Three Little Pigs - student project

Hi guys! I wanted to put together a little sample project for you to see how you can organize your project and deliverables, using my the work I made in the videos! I'm quite obsessive with keeping track of my progress in a project, and often make progress posts on my blog, so I might as well make one here as a sample project post! Feel free to just post the work as you make it, no need to wait until you have everything done to post—it's good to get feedback along the way! I can't wait to see your work!

POST 1 - Nov. 25, 2014 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unit 1: Picking Apart Picture Books

I decided to work with the manuscript, The Three Little Pigs. Here's a snippet from my marked up manuscript! The entire marked up manuscript can be seen as a download in the Project Gallery.

POST 2 - Nov. 26, 2014 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unit 2: Developing Your Characters

Here is my first page of character development. I've chosen to work with the third pig in the story that lives in the brick house. I quickly realized that I have no idea what a pigs hind legs look like—hence the pig sitting like a dog.

And here is my character model sheet of the nameless character I have dubbed: Little Piggy #3.

POST 3 - Nov. 27, 2014 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unit 3: Drawing your Storyboards

Here is my final storyboard, after drawing the intial storyboard and rhythm analysis storyboard, both of which can be seen as downloads in the Project Assignment.

POST 4 - Nov. 28, 2014 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unit 4: Creating Final Illustrations

I've chosen to illustrate the spread from my storyboard containing pages 18-19, where the wolf knocks on the door of the brick house and meets Little Piggy #3. Here is my final drawing for that spread.

And here's the final colored illustration! I have a few things I would change if/when I go through another round of revisions. I think I would give the pig on the left a stronger pose to make him look more like he is leaning on the window sill, and I would probably play around more with the typography, perhaps making it more integrated and maybe hand-drawn! Nothing is ever perfect!

And here's a little detail shot of some of the texture on the wolf:

I hope this project helps you organize your work, see the suggested process clearly, and maybe inspire you to get started on your own! I had a blast working on this, and it was scary (and exhilarating) to record it all on video! I hope to see your illustrated spread soon!

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