Retaking the Job

Retaking the Job - student project

Nice to meet you. My name is Marcelo Rocha, and I'm not new to Upwork, but I haven't been working there for almost two years. I have now decided to resume working on the platform. I would like to share my experience here with you, especially if you're considering starting to work as a freelancer on Upwork. It is, by far, the best platform of its kind in the market. It's very valuable, and I've had some amazing experiences, even making several friends through it. The only thing I recommend is that you always do your best, be highly committed, and maintain professionalism. Take the opportunity to enrol in many courses here on Skillshare and treat each final project as if you were developing it for a real client. This way, you will build a strong portfolio, and your success will be guaranteed. Good luck!

Graphic Artist