"Ratched" Pitch to Hazlitt

"Ratched" Pitch to Hazlitt - student project

Down the Ratched Rabbit Hole


I am writing Hazlitt to propose an essay idea for an ongoing column that incorporates my knowledge of design and my nerdy self as well. 


 First, a little about me though.


[Katharine Novak] An Art Institute graduate of Interior Design that has a passion for telling stories and learning a little something along the way. A multi-hyphenate, but expert at none. This includes writing novels about Colorado in the 90’s, going down rabbit holes, rolling down hills with toddlers, knowing that one guy's name in that one movie and almost always knowing the name of the architect of the museum they are in.


A writer that has lived in many states and worked in many fields that took to the streets of Denver to forge their own values and strengths. A designer with a nostalgic eye. That believes great design can include both the feminine lines and layered patterns of traditional style and the clean lines and duality of wood and metal of contemporary style. A caregiver that will get their hands dirty, is loyal till the end and will tell you when your shoes are on the wrong feet. A traveler by heart, a lover of museums and the stodgiest free spirit you will ever meet. So, I’ve been told. 


Now about the piece.


The series is called, “Down the Rabbit Hole”. In each essay I will discuss the set and production design, the props and the color palette from the point of view of an Interior Designing Movie Lover. Each will have it’s own theme, whether it be a director, a set designer or an industry topic. The rabbit hole may vary from whether I want to talk about the history of a designer or the political injustice of an era. With that being said, it is always kept light hearted and without opinion of the film or show itself. Each essay maintains an exploratory feel and many chances for the reader to go down their own rabbit holes via the links I put throughout.


The first of this series is called, “Ratched”. Simply titled, it is about the first season of Ryan Murphy’s continuation of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”. Set in the era before when the book and movie take place, I discuss the history of the building Judy Becker and the set and production teams used as inspiration for the hospital, the color palettes of each set and use key terms, like, polychromatic and Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E).


I would like for this to be a collaborative process and add to the many ideas I have for other essays under this series with the guidance of your team, although I am also open to publishing only one as well. I believe my point of view and the series are a great fit for your eclectic publication because I know that many readers, like myself, want to look at several angles of something when it comes to what they are watching. 


A few of the other subjects written in this vein are about Ryan Murphy’s vision as a whole, as well as Wes Anderson, Brian Fuller, Colorizing Black and White Film, Sit-com Props, and many more.


If you are interested in this series, or just the first piece, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on where “Down the Rabbit Hole” can go. 


From the hip of,


Katharine Novak

Writer, maker, learner.