RSS reader "Fresh Magazine"

RSS reader "Fresh Magazine" - student project


The basic idea is to give the user the ability to read all that he is interested in the same journal, similar to the usual glossy magazine.

Each time the application is opened, the user gets Fresh release of his magazine. The user of this application is reading the fresh release of its own journal, which he had collected. When reading the new section looks like a themed section in the magazine.

Readable content — the most important.


An alternative version.

Please excuse the fact that my English is not very good. But even so, I will try to convey my thoughts :)

A lot of thought about what is better: a magazine or a simple reading list? And I realized that the best solution somewhere between a magazine and a simple list. The ever-changing structure of the magazine will probably get bored. A simple list, in principle, easy to use. But from experience understood that I uncomfortable reading sites like Dribbble, Behantse etc. I would like to see the images without moving from the list to the post and back. The solution was to do something in the form of a "simplified magazine," Put together from the lists. Here is the result.