Put Me Down.

Put Me Down. - student project

My story is about a comical/painful walk back to the car after a graduation dinner.  I wore a pair of shoes that made me feel super tall and majestic,  but they caused my feet a lot of pain.  My boyfriend and I were parked quite a ways away from the venue.

I chose this story because I feel like it had more material in terms of character.  My boyfriend is a very chivalrous person, but I'm super stubborn and like to do things on my own...and I hate being picked up.

Progress:  Reference, Paradigm, and Script Markup

---I really want to push the gags pretty far, a lot farther than what happened in real life.  Instead of just showing myself limpingin a funny way to avoid getting picked up...I want to have the caricature of myself do crazy things like hang glide, levitate, or ride in a kangaroo pouch.  I'm gonna try and make this read.  Wish me luck!

And now I have thumbnails!

I remember this great episode of the I.T. crowd where the character Jen gets a painful pair of shoes.  Good reference!!!  Watch this show!  Great comedy!

These are links to clips from the shoe episode:



 I also did a little re-writing with Post-it notes.  They are handy!

And here it is folks!  I also edited together an animatic.  It is available at this link:


"We're almost there"

"Maybe we could walk arm in arm instead?"

Thank you all for your helpful comments and encouragement!  I had a great time in this class, and look forward to storyboarding even more!