Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement  - student project

After completing the worksheets, I settled on this as my Purpose Statement:

"Ideate and execute engaging and personalized content to share the stories of world class brands, and ensure the loyalty of customers--old and new."

I have definitely struggled over the past year in building a personal brand because of two main reasons:

1. I am interested in WAY too many things, so focusing on one industry is difficult. I love travel photography, VR/AR, creative SaaS startups, wearable tech, etc. These all attract different audiences, and the advice I always give to clients is FOCUS. Why can't I take my own advice? ;)

2. I often feel very uncomfortable speaking about myself. Throw me in front of executives, founders, and some of the brightest minds to speak about a company I'm working with--no problem. Ask me to tell you about myself, and it feels gross or like I'm being self-aggrandizing.

I'm continually learning to find the balance between being confident and proud of my work, without coming across as "cocky" like Kate mentions in her class. In addition, being a woman I find that I have to try twice as hard to do this.

Well I'm not going to quit now! :) Onward.

In the spirit of sharing, you can follow my travels on IG here, and view my work here: www.ashleywhitlatch.com

Thanks for a wonderful class!

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