Project Template

Project Template - student project

**Feel free to copy and paste this template into your own project.**


I. My Chosen Letter

Will you transcribe the words of a famous artist or write a letter of your own? Consider your recipient, desired tone, and the words you'd really like to say. Upload your letter as text or an image (consider showing the line breaks you'll calligraph) and share why it's special to you.

II. My Scripted Letter

Use your typed letter and lined sheets to calligraph your letter! Share an image as well as a few lines about your style decisions. How did this message influence your script choice?

If you used the practice sheets to test out different styles, feel free to show your process and pose specific questions to the class.

III. My Scripted Envelope

Share an image of the finished piece and a few lines about your artistic choices. How does your envelope and script style match the feel of your letter? 

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