Project 1: Witches of the Rose (The Magus Society)

Project 1: Witches of the Rose (The Magus Society) - student project

Rowan's always been different, the only one in her village without a magical ability. This causes her to be outcasted as well as a target of harsh bullying. Yet, despite being non-magical she can't help feeling as if she's destined for more then life as the village outcast.


She finally gets her chance when she's accepted into The Magus Society, a school and guild for Mages to master their powers as well as journey on quests to learn more about the world. Yet new obstacles await her as she tries to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a mage even if she's the only one without an ability.


When an ancient group known as The Roses returns throwing the Society into peril, will Rowan be able to find the power within her to save the The Magus Society and her new friends? or will she prove to everyone she really is just a magicless girl?