Product Marketing Funnel

Product Marketing Funnel - student project

For TASK 1: I analyzed the marketing funnel of a product company, called Tuft & Needle (love them!)

They had a Facebook Ad I clicked through to a landing page. I see their ads all the time probably because my family has ordered from them before, and are repeat customers too.


I don't have a screenshot of the ad I clicked, but when I clicked the ad, I landed on this landing page full of Tuft & Needle goodness.

This is what I noticed when going through their marketing funnel:

Throughout the page, there were many ways customers could purchase the product with buy now buttons and links to the product.


TASK 2: Looking At My Current Marketing Funnel As it is Today


I have a funnel; it could use more work. I recently began incorporating some marketing into my tutorial blog posts based on some feedback from experienced bloggers I know, and here is an analysis of one of my very first "product marketing" tutorial blog posts.


The "product marketing" post I am analyzing is my post on How to Use Clip Art Frames to Create Invitations. The image above is how they would see the Pin on Pinterest.

The funnel: 


This particular blog post is not that old and was published on March 14th, 2018. I think it needs more time to see how the post is performing. The post is moving up on my most popular site content and already has several repins on it on Pinterest. So I think it will continue to bring visitors to my site in time, and the more content I put out like this one, the better.

The "Download Sample Frame" button has been clicked 15 times, after 130 views to date, and has a 10.77% conversion rate according to my site analytics.

I am just wondering ways to improve each blog post (because they are like mini landing pages) to make them convert visitors to buyers. I also need to have a marketing plan for product launches because I struggle with the whole what to say in the marketing email sequences. But, this is why I am taking this workshop (woohoo!).

I found this class on thinking about the funnel as nodes so helpful! I look forward to more lessons in this workshop and genuinely love my Skillshare membership.

Thank you so much!


Oh, here is a link to the post I analyzed for my current marketing funnel if anyone is interested in seeing the full post and giving me thoughts and feedback on how to improve.


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