Pop Fashion by Traci Ciccarelli

Pop Fashion by Traci Ciccarelli  - student project

Inspiration Board 

   Hello everyone! My name is Traci Ciccarelli and I am a current student attending The Art Institute Schaumburg in Illinois. Before hand I served in the military for 6 years as a Gas Turbine Systems Mechanic and was stationed on an Aegis destoryer based out of Pearl Harbor Hawaii. I was greatly inspired to become a fashion designer by, of course, project runway.  I would also helped sew patches on uniforms and hemming. 

    My Pop Fashion collection was inspired by Pop Art.  Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol were my main inspiration pieces. I wanted to created a collection for women that love to stand out and basically be the piece of walking art.  I hope you enjoy and take care. 

Color Board

Line Up 

Fabric Swatches

Croquis and Flats