Poinsettia Table Pouch

Poinsettia Table Pouch - student project

Poinsettia Table Pouch - image 1 - student projectVariation of this bag with closeup detail of stitched buttons over straps.Poinsettia Table Pouch - image 2 - student projectSuper fun bag (cut on fold with left side and added seam to bottom).

Added 2-10 cm long pieces of folded black webbing tabs just in case I want to carry it as a small open bag for a quick lunch or to make a sewing/crafts kit!


Variation II with straps:  2-50 cm long strips of red linen folded and pressed with bias tape maker then top stitched and ends threaded through webbing loops and overlapped to secure - pretty silver buttons stitched in place!


Holiday Decadence Fabric by Moda