Pitch about Seafood Restaurants in Zipolite

Pitch about Seafood Restaurants in Zipolite - student project

Dear Paul Brady,

I am a freelancing writer and I would like to pitch you an article about the small town Zipolite, located at the Pacific Ocean in Mexico.

Zipolite is a laid-back place and there is not much to do except relaxing and eating through the divine variety of seafood restaurants. In this article, you will find recommendations about the best restaurants and must-eats. If you, for whatever reason, feel the need to leave your hammock for a while, there are some spots around to visit. You could do a boat and snorkel tour to remote beaches (depending on the season you might see whales and dolphins). A short travel will bring you to La Ventanilla to see crocodiles and a bumpy ride in a shared taxi takes you to the neighbouring village Mazunte, where waves are calmer and it is easier to swim.
The article would give detailed information about 3-5 restaurants and a quick overview of the mentioned sightseeing spots.

If you are interested, I’d love to hear of any direction that would make the article work best for Condé Nast.

Best, Amelie