Pete's random doodles

Pete's random doodles - student project

Day 1 - 'Unamusing' - 01/03/16

Random things that I find unamusing: standing on lego, when my cupcakes sink in the middle, men in speedo's, when people fart and say "safeties" as if the joke makes it okay, the beachball of death, when your slops break, when your bank balance, petrol and airtime are all empty, and when you drop your ice cream.

Day 2 - 'Defacement' - 02/03/16

I orginally thought of drawing something related to vandalism, but then thought a bit more literally.

Day 3:

I still haven't found my ideal time for a doodle workout, but I think the morning is seeming to be the best time, before I get distracted with life.

'Brutal' - 03/03/16

So this is kind of cheating. Yesterday I was planning when to doodle, and the day kind of got away with me. Oh well. Here it is. I saw a band called God Mother from Sweden last night, and their music was brutal.

Day 4 - 'Argive' - 04/03/16

I read "Argive" as a combination of "Archive" and "Forgive", so I doodled an archive of forgiveness. Sorry for the slightly burry photo.

Day 5:

I share my doodles on here in my project gallery, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

'Veisalgia' - 05/03/16

"Veisalgia" means hangover. This guy's hang is over.

Day 6 - 'Doubled' - 06/03/16

I tried to imagine what it would be like if everything on your body suddenly doubled.

Day 7 - 'Raffinose' - 07/03/16

Rich said that we had to make up a definition for a word we don't know and draw it. "Raffinose" is the name for the condition of your nose after a "Raffi" spends a night inside of it. It should go away after a day or two.

Day 8 - 'Humeri Condescending' - 08/03/16

When I read 'Humeri Condescening' it made me think of 'Human Condescension', which made me think about the concept of speciecism; the idea that our species matters more than all the other 80 millions species on Earth. For too long we have had this arrogant idea that we are somehow separate from nature, and "above" all other animals. We think 'ego' and not 'eco'. This type of thinking is unsustainable, arrogant, and, unless we change the way we think, and consider ourselves a part of nature, and try to take care of and coexist with other species instead of dominating, enslaving, eating, breeding, torturing, murdering, and oppressing, it will ultimately lead to our downfall as a species.

Day 9 - 'Pepper-and-salt bridgehead' - 09/03/16

Meet Salt and Pepper Bridgehead. I know, super literal and lame.

Day 10 - 'Instructions' - 10/03/16

Doodle in less than 2 minutes. I think the doodles are pretty self-explanatory, but maybe not?