Personal Character

Personal Character - student project

This class was amazingly interesting for me, so no doubt I started right way to experiment with it!

I just upload it now because the process of digitalizing my drawings needs a little patience.
Anyway, I'm finally sharing the result!

So the adjectives I choose for my character, thinking about how could I sum up what I think best describes me, were these:

  • Equilibrium/Balance
  • Exploration
  • Colorful

Equlibrium because I try to find that in all aspects of my life, and also while I look the world that surrounds me.

Exploration. Well, I love to explore! The little details, the big picture. Visually, psychologicaly. This includes my curiosity. That's why I decided for my character to carry things I usually carry myself and picture it in an humorous way.

And the last one, colorful. Although this implies colors, I think about this about the way I see life and how I act upon it. The color scheme would eventually be colorful in itself, but I wanted to convey the sense of 'colorfulness' through the elements present in the design, the facial expression and body pose.

About the proportions I chose for my character, it has younger proportions because I wanted to convey the sense of wonder and child-like approach to life that I have. And because it's cute. Why not?

Thank you so much for this great learning opportuniy and I'll be doing the rest of the classes too!
Sorry if I mispelled something, I'm not a native enlgish speaker.

Feel free to leave any comments or critics, I'd love the feedback!

Concept Artist & Illustrator