Personal Branding: Freelance Artist

Personal Branding: Freelance Artist - student project

Purpose: Narrowing down a purpose was tricky for me, so I went with something a bit more broad that I can work off of and refine later. Thinking up successes and goals was tricky; figuring out how to condense them to fit on the worksheet even more so.



Character: This was easier for me than the purpose worksheet. I've jumped around through different fields, but my core values and priorities have remained similar. It's also why my purpose is more value-oriented than specific, since I feel more confident committing to that.



Content Strategy: I Don't Understand Instagram And At This Point I'm Too Afraid To Ask - a novel by me. I have seen at a distance how important it is for helping artists gain an audience (and clients), so I want to put the work into learning how to use the platform.