Parafina / Stay Rad.

Parafina / Stay Rad. - student project


Hi all! My name is Carlos and I have just started my little brand. (December 2012 I printed my first t-shirt and March 19th launched the website)

I love hand drawn art, the big outdoors, and to spend time with family and friends. I traveled the world on my back pack for 8 years, got maried last year and decided to settle down in a beautiful place in front of the sea and with a forest behind our house. I live in southern europe with my wife now. We like to create cool, fun and beautiful handmade stuff togueter.

I am really looking forward to meet you guys! Make new friends, and learn a lot with Mr. Delorenzo. I am really stoked, he is such an amazing artist!

I´m shure most of us have a sketchbook full of concepts and ideas... Hey, let´s do fun stuff together! Good things happen when you are happy right? HASTA PRONTO AMIGOS!


Lesson started. Week one, Define your brand. DELIVERABLES:


1. What's Your Brand? 

Create a collage of PAST shirt designs from your brand and define their themes with a couple sentences or bullet points. Think about how your design will fit into the brand's personality.

1- El capitán:

Theme Inspired by: ‘The old man and the sea’ novel. An old salt with a thousand tales, wise, authentic as the sea itself. He knows the tides by heart and can predict the weather ahead with just a quick glimpse to the horizon or just pointing his nose to the sea-foam. I´d love to look like him one day. 

How it fits with the brand personality? Key points: Hand drawn, one color, sea related, love for the sea, Hemingway. I think this design resonates well with Parafina´s big picture, message and philosophy. /


Theme Inspired by: The ocean as a character itself, inspired by the big wave of kanagawa, the big kahoona, the big logs of driftwood that surf ashore, the force of nature. Here comes waveman throwing Shakas to all of us.

How it fits with the brand personality? Key points: Fun, hand drawn, one color, sea related, love for the sea, nature, outdoors. /


Theme Inspired by: One of John Masefield’s most beautiful poems "Sea Fever". Tall ships, wind on the sails, flying sea foam, the nomadic life, staying true to ourselves and doing what we love to do until the end of our lives.

How it fits with the brand personality? Key point: Freedom. With this concept I wanted to express we can live and dream adventures  for the rest of our lives.

4-Bureau of stoked personnel:

Theme Inspired by: Navy seal. A lot of people is stoked to be in the ocean enjoying waves right? Nothing better than a great white shark biting a rusty anchor to express the strength of our love for the ocean. I wanted it to represent our commitment and passion to this lifestyle we care for.

How it fits with the brand personality? Key points: Strenght, community, sea,  surf, Parody of a "naval office" seal and turning it into something cool and fun.

5-Soul Captain:

Theme Inspired by: Visual metaphor plays a big role in this one. ‘Let your soul be your pilot’ , ‘be yourself’, ‘follow your dreams with all your heart’. That way you´ll never get lost and you will always find your way back home.

How it fits with the brand personality? Key points: Write your own adventure, this one is a bit more romantic and emotional and it tries to make people connect with our brand´s philosophy.

End of step one. 

This morning after reading the week 1 lesson ( I took notes and studied all the info thoroughly...) I found some points I´d need to do better, there is a lot of room for improbement ( this is is great! )  

At first I was not really into having the Parafina brand name in the designs. but I understand now it is important  to incorporate it on them, specially when starting a brand. I´d like to find a balance and make it fit into future designs.

After reading Mr. Delorenzo points, I feel  I have to come up with a new concept for a MEMORABLE LOGO. It is Parafina´s face and I´d like people to connect with it, and to think it is cool.

I really find this step difficult. To create something that has not been seen yet... (sounds awesome) I have been trying to come up with something... I think I´ll need help with this task. I think it really plays a big role into the succes of any brand. The Johnny cupcakes logo is awesome. Simple, bold, fun, strong and unique. It  makes you feel a fast and strong connection with the brand aswell. Excellent!

I´d like to know if any of you would enjoy helping me with this one... Parafina needs a re-logo, something cool, strong, emotional, bold and simple. Something screaming outdoors in a fun way. What do you guys think? I would really appreciate your feedback and any ideas you´d like to share. ALOHA!

Carlos Saez

Parafina Co.