Outdoor sketches

Outdoor sketches - student project

Quick sketch in watercolor from a photo. This is probably my first try at snow and my first at quick sketching from a photo below. It probably works better in acrylic than water color because the transparent paint didn't come out so well covering red trees with green. But I did it as quickly as I could. I tried removing some paint in a cloud on the left and in the background on the right by wetting it with water and lifting with a tissue. All in all I think I got the shapes well enough and some colors like amber grass foreground and boldly making unreal trees in red. Considering where I began in Skillshare not knowing how to use brushes I'm satisfied with this exercise. Going to work on one in acrylic next. I sometimes cut a portion of a painting and use it as a bookmark or small card. I looked at sections in the 3 images below. Nice that I can try it out in Photoshop before getting out scissors. I even looked at the sketch upside down and it look like a lake. Sort of fun, a good way to check composition elements but this was not so much about that for me.

Quick sketches with camera. Light and mist or cloud shapes can change quickly outside my door. So instead of painting outdoors today I made snap shots from my deck to use as references. I knew I would not see the same thing in even a few seconds. At other times the light and shapes might stay the same for a long time. I accidentally left my camera setting on video so I did not capture the glowing fog and colors the way I saw them, as I would have with a better camera setting. Lesson learned to check my settings before shooting. But I think this is enough for reference and I can "decorate" in the studio and leave out unwanted elements in the foreground. I'm not so much interested in composition here as I am in just that one mountain in the background that I see every day. I like the techniques and color mixes you demonstrated, Ron. I'm going to try both water color and acrylic quick paintings, letting go of details and getting in mood and shapes as well as I can in a short time. I think I will like this process and it will make a difference in my style, which I am patiently exploring. These are rather monochromatic but you've shown me how to dress it up with bold color. 

I tried to capture bits and pieces to use like long morning shadows and the different hues in mist at ground level (fog?) and blue sky above it. 

I made this image Thanksgiving day while on a hike, looking down from a bridge. It's not at all about composition but I liked the hues and values. With very little moisture here the lichens pop out like crazy and brighten up the environment.

I made this image in very low dull overcast monotone light last week when I discovered an almost secret garden between buildings in a small town where I had stopped for coffee on my way through. Never be in too much of a hurry that you can't stop for emergency art explorations. I made a 10 minute walk and took lots of photos to inspire my own landscape projects and painting. Let's see if I can make a quick painting of this.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ron. I really hope I follow through and get some of these responses onto paper with paint this week.