Ocean Inspired Pour Painting

Ocean Inspired Pour Painting - student project


Ocean Inspired Pour Painting - image 1 - student project

Ocean Inspired Pour Painting - image 2 - student project


This is the 2nd time I tried pour painting!  My mom was actually the one who introduced me to this trending technique and the first round was truly a learning curve. The process was actually harder than it looks. Just recently I had a client reach out wanting a print created and when she showed me the inspiration images, each piece was created with a pour painting technique.

So I decided to practice this art technique so I  could eventually create some options for her. I  watched this course in one night and loved it as a refresher to this technique since it's been almost a year since I last played with this art form.

Watching each technique helped me mesh all techniques together to create the three pieces I worked on. I think each came out great. My favorite was the 3rd one because I feel like towards the end I had a  better grasp of the concept and how my paint was working. Currently, my pieces are drying and so far the drying process is going beautifully. I cannot wait to resin them!

Loved this course and will be coming back to it for a refresher when I work this pour painting again!