New & Improved UpWork Profile (Rising Talent)

New & Improved UpWork Profile (Rising Talent) - student project

Hey John (& fellow SkillShare Users),

I recently completed this SkillShare course, which motivated me to re-vamp my UpWork profile. Within a few days of starting I received the "Rising Talent" badge

I'm a Google Ads Consultant and to date all of my client work has come via the referral network I have created over the past two years. My goal is to supplement referrals with UpWork clients.

This week I completed (3) case studies for my portfolio, recorded an introduction video, created (2) specialized profiles, re-wrote my profile copy, created (3) Pre-packaged projects, and requested (6) testimonials from non-UpWork clients.

I also sent out my first (8) proposals using John's filtering recommendations to find the right jobs.

At the beginning of September I am going to have a few of my non-UpWork clients pay me using UpWork's "Direct Contracts." That way I will have payments to my UpWork profile for social proof and to game the algorithm. 

I'd love to hear any feedback you have. It wouldn't let me post a link below, so here it is here:


New & Improved UpWork Profile (Rising Talent) - image 1 - student project