New Business Profile/14 Day Challenge

New Business Profile/14 Day Challenge - student project

October 2019: 35.8k monthly viewers, 25 Followers, Top Pin: 21,300 impressions



I've been very regular about pinning, my own pins, my friends' pins, and popular pins right from Pinterest. Pinterest definitely loves it when you create your own pin, rather than just re-pinning, AND thats where you can see the analytics.

Regarding pinning my contest entry for Spoonflower - I wound up placing 11th! It very well could be because people just loved my kitty cat pattern, but who knows? I'm making a habit of pinning my entries from now on - before the contest is over.

Have I made any licensing deals or outright sales from Pinterest? Not yet. But I don't believe a few months is long enough unless you get lucky. 

I'll be back to update in the new year!


Final Challenge Update: 2.8k monthly viewers, 17 followers

Boom, I went from zero to 2.8k in two weeks! These numbers clearly show that's it's not the number of followers that matter, it's the views. My top pin is up to 729 impressions.

What I really love is checking out the Audience Insights tab now that I have business account, and strategizing what to pin next.

I'm attempting something different this week - pinning my contest entry for the Spoonflower contest. Maybe it will get more votes? I think that's a stretch, but it's worth a shot. ;) 

This has been so fun and I plan to update again when the month is over to see where I stand. I'll also be sure to post any success stories in the coming year. Fingers crossed. Best of luck to everyone!

Thanks Ohn Mar!


Week 2: 1k monthly viewers, 15 followers.

Whoa! I'm up to 1,000 monthly viewers from zero! My top pin has reached 551 impressions (which is one of my own). Awesome! I made a point to pin on Saturday because I'm pretty sure the weekends are the busiest time for Pinterest. It really makes a difference pinning organically (not re-pinning from Pinterest) because you can see the stats of those pins. 

I also love the fact that my patterns on Spoonflower get extra attention now that I've pinned them. Rather than sit buried beneath thousands of other patterns, they may get a bit more views. And I've discovered new designers that I admire, which is fun too.

While a part of me worries that Pinterest is where other people go to copy ideas, I think the good of being "discovered" outweighs the bad of art stealing. And I don't mind people using my images as inspiration.


Day 3: 9 monthly viewers, 9 followers

I've noticed the more pins I make and tag/keyword, the more holes I'm seeing in my online portfolio and presence, which is a good thing! It gives me a direction toward the new work I want and need to finish. My second pin was a lot easier to put together... it was just a greeting card I resized into the 2:3 template.

I also love pinning from around the web and captioning it to correctly credit the author and showcase my friend's gorgeous work. Makes me feel like I'm doing a little secret marketing for them!

For those of you who are reading this, are you interested in collaborating in a board with me? What I hear is that boards that are hosted by multiple Pinners see way more traction... because every time a pin is posted, it shows up on multiple feeds. Comment below or send me a message!


Day 1: I'm starting my week with 4 monthly viewers, and I have 8 followers.

I created and uploaded my first new pin today! It took awhile to get the composition just right because I was working from a long They Draw and Cook layout.

But I liked how it turned out. It was very different pining it in the way Ohn Mar teaches us, but it totally makes sense to add the right key words and to link back to my own site! I made a 2:3 ratio PSD template; going forward I can open it and it will be ready for my new art.




I created my new business profile minutes ago.

Sadly that means I have to start from zero followers, but I'm hopeful we can bump one another up during this two week challenge. I'll be working this weekend on building new pins, so I'll update soon.

By the way, I'd love a follow, and I'll happily follow back.