My plants

My plants - student project

My journey growing succulents has been a rough one. Initially I didn’t really understand how my space, lighting and climate conditions worked. I rushed into buying super cute succulent plants from nurseries which kept them in shaded areas and then proudly kept them in my extremely hot west facing balcony. I live in a country with a hot tropical climate and it’s very humid all year round. Needless to say, it always ended in disaster. 

however, over time I came to acquire some hardier varieties that do ok in my extreme balcony conditions. I do have a better understanding on how to take care of my plants and I really loved this class which covers so many necessary concepts.

the kalanchoe plant above is one of the most hardiest ones in my tiny balcony garden. It receives bright west sun, requires watering 1-2 times in a week and easily propagates from a single leaf.



Top right- my beautiful cactus babies which all grew from mother plants in my garden.


top- these are all kalanchoe babies which grew from individual leaves. I purchased a single plant 6 years ago and now there are so many babies. These require frequent watering as it’s really hot. They do not get direct sunlight.


my very first succulent plant was a haworthia limifolia and it had so many babies! It cannot stand much of direct sun and turns brown if exposed to to too much. Also, it likes to dry out completely before being watered.


I think this is haworthia zebrina. It likes the shade and doesn’t like too much watering. I always get the feeling it doesn’t like getting too fussed over.


a pot full of babies grown from kalanchoe leaves. Their growth is a bit slow and I’m unsure why this is so.




After my initial disaster days, I kept all the survivors in a single pot and kept them in a shaded area. Despite the shade, they do need water frequently as it’s really hot and the soil dries out quickly.


my tangled heart plant. I just love how this cascades down the vertical garden. It needs frequent watering and does not like direct sunlight.


the dwarf snake plants in my vertical wall garden. They multiply and grow fast. 

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