My Plastic Blueberry Marshmallow

My Plastic Blueberry Marshmallow  - student project

I had tons of fun making this guy! My favorite part of the class was watching the ease in which Jonathan builds up his gradiants in so few steps and makes such saturated and whimsical images with ease. I created mine in Adobe Illustrator, so didn't get to use the gausian blurs that he's using in Affinity- I had to settle for feathering, but I guess the effect works fine. Next step is to build up some compositions with tons of characters and fill out all the negative space! Thanks for the great class, Jonathan!

I knew that I wanted to give him a companion or two, so I created some sketches for options...

My favorite direction was stacked tube guy on the left above, so I built him out more and created the lady in the middle. Above is the first go in illustrator for the tube lady, and then I got to fine tune her for the more complete composition below.

Once I felt happy enough with the classy lady as a companion, I wanted to jazz out the composition with some 80s purble ball explosions and to make it an exuberant portrait. I like the addition of the lady - she provides him some yin to his yang. The characters aren't really food anymore, but i'm still learning alot about faces on objects. 

Here's my final (for now) but still considering the addition of some typography to give one more element of interest. I may or may not have gone over board on the circles...