My Personal Manifesto

My Personal Manifesto - student project

This class was/is fantastic! Creating my own manifesto made me think inside of myself. Made me design a goals list of thing that I want to do more and to do less.

The Manifesto ideas I'm setting and sharing are:

Wake up early; Read More; Meditate more; Design more for myself; Eat Less fast food.

I've designed in Illustrator and used the font Pilowlava 

Thank you so much for this Class Agatha, really enjoyed the concept and all the references you share in the class.


Here are individual frames. 


If someone wants to check my working files, here's a link to download them. I personally love to open other people files and check how they work and do their designs! I learned a lot that way when I started! So I always like to share it.  As Agatha said: Sharing is caring! 


Thanks Again! 


Designer & Animator