My Foxy Tote Bag

My Foxy Tote Bag - student project

I started out this project freehand with pencil and paper, but for the purposes of this class, I traced the design in Photoshop so I could make a stencil that others can also use.

I chose a bright orange ink to contrast the natural cream color of the tote bag.

When I set up my screen, I had to place the eye of the fox separately from the rest of the stencil. It was a floating piece, so I was a little nervous about it shifting around, but luckily, it didn't move when I put down the screen.

I pulled the ink-covered squeegee across the screen, but I let up a little on the pressure when I got to the bottom of the design, which meant that the print came out slightly lighter at the paw-tips.

You can see I needed to do a little touch-up on the paws with a paintbrush (it's a little darker there). But the final product still looks pretty good!