My First MOMA Goal: Become an Online Freelancer

My First MOMA Goal: Become an Online Freelancer - student project

Hi Jill, 

I took your course a few weeks ago, and I found it really useful and inspirational! I have spent a while working on my first MOMA Goal and would absolutely love your feedback! It is attached below. 

I wasn't able to attach the original file (which was an Excel doc) for some reason, so I had to save it as a photo. Please let me know if you're not able to open it / read it, and I can send it to you by e-mail. 

The cover photo is of your MOMA Goal worksheet, and my initial scribblings as I worked through the MOMA process. The photo below is my final Outcome Goal, after I took the time to think about it more and type it up nicely! :) 

I would love to get your insights and any further ideas you have on how to make this goal a reality!

Thanks again for the great course! Please add me to your mailing list so I can hear about any new courses or challenges you are doing! 

Looking forward to hearing from you, and all the best!