My Favourite Actions

My Favourite Actions - student project

So as mentioned in the project desciption I'd love to see your projects as just simple conversations as to which actions you find most useful, and any custom actions you created yourself. Here are mine:

F1 - Centre Vertically & Horizontally
F2 - Flip Vertically
F3 - Flip Horizontally
F4 - Divide (Pathfinder)
F5 - Merge (Pathfinder)
F6 - Unite (Pathfinder)
F7 - Cutline - No Offset
F8 - Cutline - 0.125" Offset
F9 - Select Same Fill Color
F10 - Select Same Stroke Color
F11 - Rotate 90 Degrees
F12 - Save Multiple File Formats (.ai .eps .pdf .jpeg .png)

What do you guys think of these, will you find them useful in your day to day?

Also, you can purchase these actions instead of creating them yourself for only $3 right here. NOTE: I have chosen to remove this download due to very low demand!