My Creative (Side) Business: a guide for creative freelancers

My Creative (Side) Business: a guide for creative freelancers - student project
  • Outline of the book: My Creative (Side) Business: The insightful guide to turning your side projects into a full-time creative business is a book for or smart creatives who desire to focus on their creative output and monetize their work. Whether you’re trying to figure out a slow strategic way to become a creative freelancer and want to kick off a real plan, or whether you’re determined to find ways to create regular income streams doing what you enjoy, this book will help you do just that. #MCFSB is an interview book featuring the stories of 14 entrepreneurial creatives. 
  • Target group: Creative freelancers and creatives who want to build a business from their side projects
  • Problem Solving Element: Helps freelancers get through dry months without losing their heads by monetizing their creative output through royalty based income. 
  • Marketing: I have established a hashtag, a website, use Instagram, Facebook and I actively approach journalists to review the book like i.e. here.  
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