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My Class Projects - student project

Doodling is fun! Everybody doodles! We doodle at work, when we are bored, when we are on the phone... so, let's create a doodle art calendar! Why not? Just write the numbers and days and you will have your first page of your calendar made in Procreate.

I'll already show you mine and I can't wait to see yours! Have fun!




Hi everyone!  I followed this easy steps to draw my Line Art Calendar:

1. Create a HD canvas.
2. Draw a sketch with the '6B Pencil' brush.

3. Lower the layer opacity when you are happy with your sketch.
4. Create a new layer and trace the sketch with the 'Calligraphy Pen'.
5. Drag and Drop the color button onto the beard to fill it.
6. Use the eraser to write March.

7. Create a new layer and draw a grid using the 'Grid' brush.

8. Lower the layer opacity.
9. Create another layer and write with the ' Calligraphy pen' brush the numbers of the month and the days of the week.

10. Hide the grid layer and Voilà! The calendar is done! :)