My Awesome morning checklist

My Awesome morning checklist  - student project

Thank you so much for sharing 10 tips to have an awesome morning everyday.

I know some of the stuffs but never been my routine. Someone told me that if you create a plan that is great but if you do only 60% of it or 80% of it even 99% of it, you still not achieved your goal. Do 100% for sure. I think he is like you and So Right!

1. Smile and have a POSITIVE MINDSET

I am reading a book by Dr. Kazuo Inamori 10-20 mins every morning to set my mind is POSITIVE all day. He suggested to reflect upon a motive every night and I do every night before go to bed.

Try watching some story video to give me motivation

So,  I think this is ( вњ“ CHECKED ) 

2. Nurture my Seed of potential

I cook fresh breakfast with salad and yogurt everyday.  Watch news but think positively. 

So,  I think this is ( вњ“ CHECKED ) too

But, I still don't know how I can avoid NOISE ( negative words or suggestions that people make to me) . If you know how? please share with me.

3. Know and Go

I plan ahead with Google calendar. I want to plan for my meal too. I am thinking about taking class on skillshare to learn about it.  

4. Design a Day launcher checklist

So,  I think this is ( вњ“ CHECKED ) 

5. Go back to the future

So,  I think this is ( вњ“ CHECKED ) too]

6. Oil the Rust

I do walk my dog (Frenchie) 

7. Shower down Awesomeness

I do meditate every morning and night, I will add affirmation in 5 mins? every time. I shower before go to bed, so I use the time do my face wash and hair? maybe?

8. Fire Up Gratitude

I forgot about this last 6 months? I used to use my body part to remember the person's name to say thank you 3 times. Now I start over to remember the name again. Thank you for the reminder.

9. Get your Liquid fuel

As you mention in the video, I am not a big fan of plain water, but good idea to add citrus, I will start tomorrow 

10. Start with a Win

I am making bed every morning but 1 in every 10 days I may lazy, I will try to do everydays now on.

Thank you again! Great reminder for me to have Awesome day everyday!!

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