My Art Doodles

My Art Doodles - student project

Hello! I did two illustrations so fr following the steps that Jon explained us in the course.

Although I did the 3 steps, the best results for me were just doodling without seeing. I created the shapes more dynamic that if i were seeing it.

Then I traced digitally, clean up and color with live paint in illustrator.  Cant wait to do more.

I used to trace manually, so this process its faster, the problem is that I dont like how the shadows and lights are, because they have the black line , and I dont want the line, so is a issue that I have to resolv soon.

The best part was uploading then to the web Society6 to sell shirts , mugs and other merchandising. Even if I dont sell anything is great to see your artwork available to everybody to buy on clothes .

Thanks to Jon Burgerman for the knowledge and inspiration. I am going to repeat the process again and again because its kind of addictive.

I like Art, nature, animals, pop cultur, comics, graffiti, so form me I have inspiration to create and continue to do more illustrations and polish the process each time.

Critiques are welcome. Thanks

New Update: 6/3/2014

And here is the design in the cup of coffee. :D

And another sketch Im working on...

HERE is the last illustration i did using this technique. Traced with illustrator.