My 3-day project

My 3-day project - student project

So, here is an example of my three pictures on the topics I chose from the class

All images were taken with my trustworthy iPhone 5 =)

1. Shadow forms (Monday) - I love the idea here that you can see only one flower, when, because of shadows, you know there are more

2. Action (Wednesday) - I love the pictures of sky and clouds and birds flying towards the sunset just makes this picture more interesting

3. B&W (Friday) - so this b&w actually incorporates other creative advice in one picture - action (the cyclist), silhouettes (trees and cyclist again) and a different angle (the picture is not taken straight on, but from below). An this is how many pictures will go, you don't have to make image using just one creative solution, you can use several at once. Be creative, be mindful and have fun =) 

Photographer & Illustrator